To: All students and staff members,

After careful consideration as well as consultation with stakeholders, the University has decided to replace all face-to-face teaching with online teaching and assessment with effect from 18 November 2019 until the end of the teaching semester on 13 December 2019. If individual teachers, after consultation with students, wish to employ small-group interactive teaching, the University will provide the necessary assistance to realise such objective. Details of these arrangements will be announced shortly.

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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Programmes Nurture Future Leaders

HKSYU adheres to its goal of promoting lifelong education and places an equal emphasis on teaching and research.?The University?offers?18 postgraduate programmes and three postgraduate co-operation programmes which enable students to further their education and unleash their potential.

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Postgraduate Co-Operative Programmes (Non-local Courses)

HKSYU has endeavoured to foster close ties with universities around the world and has made tremendous contributions to academia and culture which broaden the horizons of students and scholars at HKSYU.

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Graduate School

A comprehensive university must place equal emphasis on both teaching and research to strengthen its edge and nurture experts. HKSYU launched its first Master’s programme, namely the Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology (MSSCP), in 2010. In 2016, the Graduate School was established. HKSYU currently offers six MPhil and six PhD programmes. As a pioneer of private institutions in Hong Kong, HKSYU’s endeavour to provide high-quality postgraduate programmes is enshrined as a priority in its Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

The government currently provides financial aid for postgraduates and undergraduate students over 31 years old. Postgraduate students may also apply for the various scholarships offered by HKSYU and several external organizations.

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